Australian Bushfire crisis

With the terrible scenes coming to us from Australia, it is easy to feel helpless and unsure of how big the issue really is and how best we can help.

Media coverage is scarce, but there are some very real stories of loss and suffering filtering through from the families and friends of people affected, which has at least got the attention of the Social Media world.

Below we have put together some ways to help which we have collected over the last couple of weeks. No doubt these will be updated as the situation changes and spreads to affect more people, so do keep your eyes peeled on these reliable outlets and let us know of others you see!

Online resources and support links: This link lists several areas you can help, from Firefighters to wildlife, residents and business:

Animals Australia. This charity provides support to wildlife vets so they can work with the animals affected by the fires:

Local wildlife initiatives:

Wildlife Victoria are a not for profit which responds to calls from the community regarding sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Their website has details of a Bushfire appeal here:

Fauna Rescue SA is the largest rescue group in Southern Australia. Their website has details of how to report sick and injured animals.

Donate directly to a wildlife shelter. Backyard Buddies is an education initiative run by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. Their Facebook page keeps up to date with their campaigns here, while their website provides links to rescue groups by state:

Rescue Craft Co is a Community Action group who aim to support the animals suffering by creating items which can be used as well as collecting donations.

WIRES is a wildlife rescue open 24/7, who actively aim to rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife. They are a not-for-profit where trained volunteers rehabilitate injured wildlife and are also accepting donations to help pay for things including food, medical supplies and vet fees.

Financial donations:

Donations can be made as below:

  1. Australian Red Cross ( ),
  2. FRRR, who make grants to local not-for-profit groups for community-led projects that address the most pressing needs that emerge 12-18 months after a disaster event, (,
  3. State-based brigades like the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (, 
  4. Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (
  5. South Australia’s Country Fire Service ( will go towards bushfire efforts
  6. GIVIT Listed Ltd is a national not-for-profit aiming to alleviate poverty in Australia. They have various current campaigns ongoing which can be viewed here:
  7. RSPCA. The RSPCA have a wishlist for their bushfire appeal, including Possum boxes, pellets for livestock and native animal milk replacer.

And finally for anyone finding themselves in the wild, here are some tips by ABC for helping wildlife and keeping them safe!

However you choose to share your love and support at this time, it’s heartwarming to see everyone rallying together. Thank you!

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