Chance Animal Rescue, Egypt

Chance Animal Rescue is a charitable organisation started in Cairo, Egypt by a group of young people who were passionate about Animal welfare.

The shelter has nearly 300 dogs to care for and the team are always alerted to new cases of sick or injured strays, desperate for food and safety. They exist entirely from donations and do an amazing job of working closely with food providers and vets in the area to get food pallets delivered and treatments carried out.

Only 65 of their dogs currently have a sponsor, so every month is a struggle to make the money to meet their bills. In addition to the dogs they care for, they are championing for animal welfare in a country which routinely poisons the street animals as a way of controlling the numbers.

It is a desperate situation but the guys at the charity are so happy and heartwarming. Everyone involved has such a genuine love and commitment to the animals.

We have set up a dog sponsorship program for Chance. Please visit the Sponsor a Chance dog page for more details.

You can follow them on Facebook here: @chance.animal.shelter and on Instagram here: @chance_animal_rescue

Chance also now have an official website.

Photo credit: @Chance Animal Rescue

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