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Featured organisations for 2019:

We met Tamara through a joint acquaintance who shared her post on Facebook.

Tamara has been rescuing stray dogs in Serbia for many years and in 2018 she bought some land to build her own shelter.

She runs a private Facebook group to gather supporters for her cause and needs help to raise money for the shelter, and to care for, and feed, her dogs.

Last year we set her up with an Instagram page, ran several Fundraisers for her cause and we are excited to visit her shelter and help her with the final build in 2019!

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Janie O’Connor is the founder and owner of ARC, who work tirelessly year round to rescue as many of South Goa’s animals in need as they possibly can.

She started the animal hospital following a trip to Goa 12 years ago and now ARC have rescued, rehabilitated, vaccinated, sterilised and re-homed 1000s of dogs, cats and other animals they find on the streets.

In 2018 we visited Janie to get hands-on at her amazing shelter and have since worked with her on raising much needed funds. Our team now continue to provide ongoing administrative support.

Find out more about this great charity on their website: www.arcgoa.in, on Facebook: @AnimalRescueCentreSouthGoa or on Instagram: @arcsouthgoa.


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Broken Biscuits help give the gift of mobility to many dumped dogs, cats and other animals (including lambs!) living in shelters around the world, allowing them to pursue a normal lifestyle filled with exercise and adventure.

Their aim is to help support both the rescuer and the animal. By providing them with funds for life saving surgery, essential foster care and equipment to make their lives as comfortable as possible whilst they wait for a family to love and adopt them.

Find out more about them on their website: www.brokenbiscuits.org, on Facebook: @BrokenBiscuits.org or on Instagram: @brokenbiscuitscharity.

Photo credit: @Broken Biscuits

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This small dog rescue shelter is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and opened in November 2017.  It was the realisation of a dream for founder, Janet, following her working visit to the Boldesti Public Shelter in Romania.

As well as preparing the dogs for rehoming in the UK, the team have started a spay and neuter campaign called ‘Mildred’s Mission’. This is the story of one little dog who will help change the future of all Romanian dogs.

On a team trip to Boldesti Public Shelter in Romania, Mildred was one of a handful of dogs rescued. The team immediately fell in love with her. Sadly however, she had suffered so much and couldn’t be saved. In June 2019, Mildred passed peacefully in the arms of her rescuer.The campaign will now honour Mildred and ensure her legacy will save thousands of dogs having to go through what she did.

If you’d like to get involved with helping raise urgently needed funds and awareness, please get in touch today!




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Thailand Elephants is a great charity started by an elephant lover who returned from 2 years in Thailand working at an ethical Elephant sanctuary with the desire to do more for the animals in captivity, being used for tourist rides and entertainment. 

Based in the UK, Thailand Elephants campaign to raise awareness of the situation in Asia, so that more and more tourists can learn how to enjoy their holidays without the suffering of innocent creatures. 

They also support ethical sanctuaries in Thailand and a great project called ‘Bees for Eles’ which aims to provide a natural barrier to stop elephants wandering where they could get themselves harmed. Check it out on their website: www.thailandelephants.org or visit their facebook page: @thailandelephants.

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Chance Animal Rescue is a charitable organisation started in Cairo, Egypt by a group of young people who were passionate about Animal welfare. 

The shelter has nearly 300 dogs to care for and the team are always alerted to new cases of sick or injured strays, desperate for food and safety. They exist entirely from donations and do an amazing job of working closely with food providers and vets in the area to get food pallets delivered and treatments carried out.

Only 65 of their dogs currently have a sponsor, so every month is a struggle to make the money to meet their bills. In addition to the dogs they care for, they are championing for animal welfare in a country which routinely poisons the street animals as a way of controlling the numbers.

It is a desperate situation but the guys at the charity are so happy and heartwarming. Everyone involved has such a genuine love and commitment to the animals. 

You can follow them on Facebook here: @chance.animal.rescue and on Instagram here: @chance_animal_rescue

Photo credit: @Chance Animal Rescue

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