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X-treme Latin

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X-treme Latin

In X-TREME LATIN bestselling author Henry Beard provides Latin with attitude in an indispensable phrasebook that taps the secret power of Latin to deliver, in total safety, hundreds of impeccable put-downs, comebacks and wisecracks. Tell annoying colleagues to ‘Baisa aspidem meam’ (kiss my basilisk) or let your friends know what you really think of their boyfriends ‘Amicus tuus vir expers rationis est. Alicubi viculus barone suo privatur’ (He’s a total moron. Somewhere there’s a village missing its idiot). Learn Latin mob-speak or New Age discourse, Hollywood Latin or sushi bar chitchat. With dozens of zingers for quashing e-mail pranks, psyching out your golf opponent, giving backhanded compliments and evading awkward questions, X-TREME LATIN has a phrase for every occasion. ‘Tete futue’

Shipping is £2 (UK only)

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