St Mungo’s mental health festival 2019

St Mungo’s host an annual event at the Calthorpe Project in London to coincide with Mental Health Awareness week. There’s live music, poetry, yoga, workshops, food and drink, graffiti art, massage and more. Rob from the Rescuemania team has worked at the event for the last four years, providing the sound system and performing…

It’s always an absolute pleasure to be involved in the St Mungo’s “festival in the park”, and I wanted to highlight the efforts of some of the people who make it possible each year.

St Mungo’s are a homeless charity, providing vital shelter for some of the most vulnerable homeless people. Their work over the last 50 years has saved countless lives. Every year they hold this event, very much focused on the local community in King’s Cross, London. The event is organised and run by Mungo’s staff and features many of their talented clients.

One of the acts who come back each year are “Key Changes”, a London based project who offer opportunities in music to young people, in particular those struggling with their mental wellness. These young people get on stage to perform songs they have written and recorded with the support of Key Changes. Their talent and ability to express themselves through their music is always hugely evident, which definitely shows that music and access to the great resource of equipment and knowledge provided by Key Changes makes a huge difference in their lives.

There is also the Calthorpe Project itself, which is a hidden treasure right in central London. The project offers the community a place to relax and escape from the chaos, with tranquil gardens and winding paths to explore, activities for all ages and a delightful café serving a range of food and drink – including vegan options – much of which is made from vegetable products of the Calthorpe gardens!

This event is not widely advertised, which really adds to the community feel of the day. But everyone is welcome, and the sun always shines for the dedicated staff, volunteers and the public who come out to enjoy a lovely day for all.

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